Øre Art Webshop

Øre got his artistic background rooted in street art and graffiti scene in Copenhagen.

Øre has studied randomness in text and images in decades. He often uses chaotic patterns in nature as inspiration for his artworks.  

Wall Art

Graffiti Trash – Thin canvas

387,50 kr.462,50 kr.

Inner city – Canvas

512,50 kr.562,50 kr.

Wild Guy – Canvas

384,38 kr.421,88 kr.

Graffiti spaghetti – Framed poster

697,50 kr.

Untitled 2

512,50 kr.562,50 kr.

Bad Boys JP – Unisex t-shirt

166,88 kr.

Direct from the subway of New York

Graffiti Rules – Unisex t-shirt

166,88 kr.204,38 kr.

Graffiti Resistance – Unisex t-shirt

159,38 kr.196,88 kr.

No. 1 – Men’s classic tee

140,63 kr.178,13 kr.

Grunchy Frog Men’s t-shirt

365,63 kr.384,38 kr.

BBB – Unisex organic cotton t-shirt

196,88 kr.
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